Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Rough Guide To Yodel

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2006-09-15
Label: Sheer Sound
"What is it about yodel that brings smiles and laughter? The memories of old films, mountain scenes and a hint of Alpine slapstick? From its spiritual homes in the Alps and rural USA, yodel's influence can be found in any country - from Hawaii to Cameroon - and in any type of music - from techno to Bollywood. "The Rough Guide To Yodel" aims to squash the clichés and invites you to open your ears to the joy of yodel. Enjoy!......at 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Yodeling Lesson - Cathy Fink
02. A Yodeling Addiction - Janet McBride
03. Erika's Alptraum - Christine Lauterburg
04. Schaferlied - Jodel Duo Rosy & Paul Hirschi's
05. Haiku Lingo - David Weinstein & Shelley Hirsch
06. Jaga Ode (Dubtronik) - Alpendub Vs. The Man Cable
07. Hawaiian Cowboy - The Hoopii Brothers
08. La Rosa - Trio Los Camperos De Valles
09. Main Hoon Jhoom Jhoom Jhumroo - Kishore Kumar
10. Inuit Wedding - Sainkho Namtchylak
11. Nola - Carolina Cotton
12. Anyway - Laura Love
13. My Morphine - Gillian Welch
14. Yeah, I'm A Cowboy - Mike Johnson
15. Just A Yodel For Me - Kenny Roberts
16. Yodeling Robot - Ed Sanders
17. Pygmy Divorce - Francis Bebey
18. Call Of The Forest - Baka Beyond

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daniel said...

il n'y a pas de liens et c'est bien dommage !!!

Scorpio said...

Daniel:>> Sorry for the inconvenience (Désolé pour le dérangement).

daniel said...

merci de m'aider à completer ma collection de Rough guide

Many thanks