Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Asian Underground


Asian Underground

Audio CD: FDO 2003-06-21
Label: World Music Network

"Musical styles and genres have always been blended together, as cultures intersect, to form new sounds and push the boundaries of experimentation. This has been felt in the UK where one of the most exciting forms of music to emerge in the last decade, Asian Underground, is a world of tabla-driven beats, Indian classical samples and frenetic drum’n’bass, trip-hop and techno. Including artists (Ananda Shankar, State Of Bengal, Black Star Liner, Joi, Fun-Da-Mental, Asian Dub Foundation, TJ Rehmi, Mahatma T (Aka Talvin Singh) and Mo Magic) that have achieved phenomenal success around the globe, this CD showcases this British-Asian hybrid with a collection of solid scene classics and fresh, unreleased material...... at 320 kbps!"

Track Listings
01. Streets Of Calcutta - Ananda Shankar
02. Elephant Ride - The State Of Bengal
03. Killah Connection - Black Star Liner
04. Fulfilment In Dub [Edit] - Joi
05. Ja Sha Taan - Fun-Da-Mental
06. Yab Yum [Edit][Mix] - Uzma (Sabres Of Paradise Remix)
07. Pyar - Orchestral World Groove
08. Sundance - ShivaNova
09. Debris - Asian Dub Foundation
10. Is It Legal? - T. J. Rehmi
11. Jihad - Mahatma T
12. Nataraj Express - James Asher
13. Out Of Place - Sister India
14. Mixed Vision [Edit] - Mo Magic
15. Path Of The Blazing Sarong - Bill ''Ravi'' Harris & The Prophets

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