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Αγνή Παρθένε - (Agni Parthene) (O Pure Virgin))

Οι Μοναχοί Της Σιμωνόπετρας
(Τhe Monks Of Simonopetra)

Αγνή Παρθένε - (O Pure Virgin)

Audio CD: FDO 1990-04-23
Label: IMSP
"A growing appreciation for the beauty and elegance of the hymn Agni Parthene has rapidly developed in the last few years. Written by St. Nektarios of Pentapolis, this hymn to the Mother of God is lilting, poetic and emotively sophisticated. This is perhaps one of the most accessible points of entre into Byzantine music. The monks of Simonopetra restrain the power of their collective voices in this recording to portray an air of tenderness and supplication!" At 256 kbps

Track Listings
01. Αγνή Παρθένε Δέσποινα - (Agni Parthene) (O Virgin Pure))
02. Εξομολογείστε Τω Κυρίω - (O Give Thanks To The Lord)
03. Αινείτε Τον Κύριον - (Praise The Lord)
04. Τεριρέμ - (Terirem)
05. Τον Πατέρα Προσκυνήσωμεν Την Μητέρα Σου Προσάγει Σοι - (Doxa, Kenin)
06. Δοξολογία - (Great Doxology)
07. Ευλογήσω Τον Κύριον - (I Will Bless The Lord At All Times)
08. Άσατε Τω Κυρίω Άσμα Καινόν - (Sing To The Lord A New Song)
09. Εξομολογήσομαι Σοι, Κύριε - (I Will Confess Thee, O Lord)
10. Υψώσω Σε, Ο Θεός Μου - (I Will Exalt Thee, My God)
11. Σίμωνα Τον Μέγα - (Simona Ton Megan)

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HOLY WEEK (Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα)

Holy Week (Latin: Hebdomada Sancta) is in Christianity the week from Palm Sunday (also called Passion Sunday) through Holy Saturday, leading to Easter Sunday.
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Dear Friends
This is the Holy Week and we will post the entire week chants and hymns to get us all in the Spirit of Easter.

Happy Easter
by Scorpio