Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Brazil: ''Bahia''

Audio CD: FDO 2004-07-12
Label: World Music Network
"Bahia is the musical heartbeat of Brazil, and is home of the tropicalia movement, axé, samba-reggae and the mesmerizing beat of the mega-percussion ensembles – the Blocos Afros. The Rough Guide To The Music Of Brazil: Bahia offers you some of the most delectable sounds from this cultural centre, from renowned artists such as tropicalia-legends Gilberto Gil and Tom Zé, percussionist Carlinhos Brown and the infectious music of Daniela Mercury. Enjoy!......at 192.0 kb/sec!"
"Salvador de Bahia is Brazil’s most African city, where baroque cathedrals co-exist with temples to the African gods – and the influences of both are apparent in its music. The key to the Bahia sound is the lone voice backed by thundering percussion and surging anthemic choruses… If you want your carnival to last all summer, just keep playing this wonderful album." The Daily Telegraph

Track Listings
01. Motumba - Timbalada
02. Take Sarava - Silvia Torres
03. Swing Da Cor - Daniela Mercury & Olodum
04. A Vida E Boa - Ze Paulo
05. Pitada De Tabaco - Riachao & Carlinhos Brown
06. Ginga De Bale - Timbalada
07. Deusa Do Ebano - Ile Aiye & Lazzo
08. Com Muzenza Eu Vou - Muzenza
09. Coracao De Bola - Marcia Short
10. Menino De Pelo - Daniela Mercury
11. Life Gods - Monica Millet & Momile & Gilberto Gil & Marisa Monte
12. Curiosidade - Tom Ze
13. Linda - Edson Gomes
14. Hemp E Festa - Tony Mola & Bragada
15. Mamae Querida - Margareth Menezes
16. Exu Anan - Banda Percucia

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