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The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Indian Ocean


Indian Ocean

Audio CD: FDO 2002-10-07
Label: World Music Network

"It captures forms of music from the Indian Ocean which are little known in the West, and is real treat, combining lilting and highly distinctive melodies with wonderful rocking rhythms evoking the Indian Ocean waves, steeped in history from thousands of years of ships and cultures crisscrossing its waters. From the segá of Mauritius, the salegy of Madagascar, La Réunion’s maloya and the Arab influenced Zanzibar, to the hip-hop and reggae sounds that have penetrated the region, this CD provides an exposé of the variety and depth of culture of the islands... at 320 kbps !"

Track Listings
01. Koba (Franglais Mix) - Tarika (Madagascar)
02. Al Li La (Sega) - Denis Azor (Mauritius)
03. Bayoun - Danyel Ward (La Reunion)
04. Maria - Feo-Gasy (Madagascar)
05. Sak La Point - Francoise Guimbert (La Reunion)
06. Zaza Mitomany - Ricky Randimbiarison (Madagascar)
07. Wacha Yakufike - Culture Musical Club (Zanzibar)
08. Oh! La - M'Toro Chamou Et Les Watoro (Mayotte)
09. Neni Bab - Jean-Noel (Madagascar)
10. Ti Kone Mi Yinm Sa Baba - Baster (La Reunion)
11. Sense - Kaya (Mauritius)
12. Polka - Seychelles String Band (Seychelles)
13. Pa Bezoin Zot' La Per - Tam-Tam Des Cools (La Reunion)
14. Lang La - Rene Lacaille & Bob Brozman (La Reunion)
15. Anmen Mwan Dan Lakour - Seychelles All Stars (Seychelles)
16. Dzinyo - Belle Lumiere (Grande Comore)
17. Mo Mari O - Kaskavel (Rodrigues)
18. Mamandrako - Lego (Madagascar)

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