Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Thailand

Audio CD: FDO 2003-08-04
Label: World Music Network

"Thailand offers some of Asia’s most pulsating sounds – contemporary music abounds within the country, from highly regarded local artists and bands. Record stores are filled with Luk thung – the central region "country" music – as well as Thai girl and boy bands competing with their western and Japanese counterparts. However, it’s the sounds of Mor lam from an area that very few visitors venture to – Isaan, in the northeast – that is the hotbed of Thai music. Mor lam, in its modern form, is rhythmically powerful and vocally dynamic and is popular throughout Thailand. All these styles of music and more can be heard on this album, the vast majority available outside Thailand for the first time. Enjoy! 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings

01. Hae Nang Maew - Man Motorgai
02. Lam Yai Lam Poon - Namoiy Thammalangka
03. Phin Solo ''Transcendental Technique'' - Surasak Donchai
04. Lerk Dai Lerm Bor Dai - Mike Piromporn
05. Rang Jai Rai Wan - Siriporn Aumpiapong
06. An Elephant's Swan Song - Thai Elephant Orchestra
07. Moo Lam ''Lam Teai'' - Chawiwan Damnoen
08. Amazing Isaan - Pol Pan Lao
09. Oh Oh Oh - China Dolls
10. Roop Khao Krapao Aei - Anand Jaidee
11. Ma Kor Tho Tai - Jieb Benjaporn
12. The Nang Hong Suite For Double Piphat Ensemble - Fong Nam
13. Sieng Soong Wao Sao - Ekachai Srivivhai
14. Katikar Huajai - Sao Somparn
15. Tam Ha Kujee - Krusala
16. So Duang ''The Sad King'' - Benjarong Thanakoset
17. Sao Noong San - Sorn Shinchai
18. Sao Na Sang Fan - Paijit Aksornnarong
19. Pong Lang Ensemble ''Pong Lang Dance'' - Chagkachan

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