Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Okinawa


Audio CD: FDO 2001-07-10
Label: World Music Network

"Lovely Asian music with a certain island flavour. Like the rest of the series, this CD covers a good spectrum of music, from traditional to various pop styles. Typical instruments used in Okinawan music are the sanshin (a kind of banjo), castanets, recorders, flutes, guitars and taiko drums playing shuffling syncopated rythms. Featured are such diverse talents as Ryukyu Underground, with their ambient drum'n'bass / reggae dub stylings, the Dick Dale influenced Surf Champlers, folk music legends Rinsho Kadekaru and Tetsuhiro Daiku, the wacky pop of Donto and Shisars with their meddley of musical styles pushing Okinawan music to the outer limits. Every song has something to offer to fans of Eastern music, because island music is by nature full of many exotic influences, blown in by all the trade winds. The voices of all the women, from Chieko Iha to Nenes, are beautiful. I'll risk losing my reputation as an objective reviewer by saying that the song "Shimajima Kaisha" by the group Four Sisters, always brings tears to my eyes. Recorders sounding like the warm trade winds, a rolling beat like the waves and sweetly tragic female vocals like cries over the sundering Sea. To round off a nice package,the liner notes by music guru Paul Fisher are excellent.!......... at 160 kbps!"

Track Listings
01. Koko Kuduchi - Rinsho Kadekaru & Seijin Noborikawa
02. Shimajima Kaisha - Chieko Iha & Four Sisters
03. Chon Chon Kijimuna - Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman
04. Itta Anma Makaiga & Karabato - Shisars
05. Uranami Bushi - Misako Ohshiro
06. Jidai No Nagare - Rinji Kadekaru
07. Iwai Bushi - Sarabandge
08. Warabi Gami - Misako Koja
09. Koinaa Yunta - Tetsuhiro Daiku
10. Go-Go Chinbora - Akanars
11. Ikunnya Kana-Yoisura - Rikki
12. Akai Ura - Yasukatsu Ohshima
13. Tinsagu Nu Hana Dub - Ryukyu Underground
14. Jin Jin - Donto (Previously Unreleased)
15. Tida Akara & Nami Kirara - The Boom
16. Naritai Bushi - Seijin Noborikawa
17. Umkaji - Nenes
18. Toshin Doi - The Surf Champlers

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