Friday, June 01, 2007

The Rough Guide To Merengue & Bachata

Audio CD: FDO 2001-10-01
Label: World Music Network

"This CD presents two essential beats from the Dominican Republic, merengue and bachata. With its driving 2/4 beat, merengue's sexy rhythms, the heart beat of the Dominican Republic's streets, encourages hips to swing in every dance hall in the Latin Caribbean and its popularity has spread to the USA and South America. From the north of the island's countryside comes, the largely undiscovered, bachata. This soulful music of the poor and lovers, with its guitar riffs reminiscent of Central Africa and emotional male vocals, is a Latin secret worth uncovering. This long awaited album brings together the greats of merengue and bachata with talented new artists, to supply a pulsating collection introducing a piece of the Dominican Republic to dance floors around the world. Enjoy! 192.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Cojelo Ahi - Antony Santos
02. Lo Que Le Gusta Las Mujeres - Frank Reyes
03. Su Mirada (Loco Loco) - Eddy Herrera
04. El Repollo - Aramis Camilo
05. El Matatan - Teodoro Reyes
06. Que Pena - Samuelito Almonte Y Su Conjunto Tipico
07. Que Diran La Gente - Luis Melo
08. Las Mujeres De Quisqueya - Raulin Rodriguez
09. El Dueno De La Noche - Nelson Roig
10. La Cosquillita - Luis Vargas
11. Te La Compro - Pedro Veras
12. Los Celos - Luis Segura
13. Crei - Blas Duran
14. Me Enamoro - Samuelito Almonte Y Su Conjunto Tipico
15. El Toro Joco - Rumbanda
16. Te Dare Una Robaita - Antony Santos

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