Sunday, April 20, 2008

Byzantine Hymns

George Koros
Audio CD: FDO 1999-07-13
Label: FM Records
Distributor: Allegro
"The best of Holy Week's Hymns performed by Folk Virtuoso Violonist / Songwriter Goerge Koros...fantastic!". Enjoy !!! 320.0 kb/sec

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Track Listings
01. Lord I Have Cried Out
02. Divine Light
03. The Rich Became Poor And Hungry
04. The Virgin Today
05. By The River Jordan
06. Lord, Save Thy People
07. He Was Seen To Be Great (Hymn Of Saint Dimitrios)
08. He Who Frees The Enslaved (Hymn Of Saint George)
09. Rule Of Faith (Hymn Of Saint Nicolas)
10. I Open My Mouth
11. Those Who Sing Your Praise, O Holy Virgin
12. Our Lady, The Defender
13. The Beauty Of Thy Virginity
14. Behold, The Lord Cometh
15. I See Thy Resting Place
16. Life In The Holy Sepulchre
17. Worthy It Be
18. All Humankind Across The Ages
19. Christ Is Risen

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