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Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Sunday's Girl" - Gina

Happy Birthday Babis
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

"Sunday's Girl" - Dana

Happy Birthday Idomeneas

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Disappearance (Η Εξαφάνιση) - O.S.T.

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2008-04-01
Label: Universal Music
"Virtuous Christos Papadopoulos signs the music in the new television line of Stratos Markidis “Disappearance”, that is shown by TV ALPHA. From the first already episodes the line has gained the preference of television viewers and the music the hearts of world. Christos Papadopoulos, with the experience that it has acquired travelling particularly in the East, gives Ethnic color in several serials in the small screen with climax the Greek Arabic music that wrote for the “Disappearance” with protagonists Nikos Sergianopoulos, Natalia Dragoumi and Stavros Zalmas. The song of titles “Disappearance” interprets unique Giorgos Dalaras. It is a particular hearing that has been loved already by the all world. In the song participates the Armenian Haig Yadjizian. Beyond the song of titles Giorgos Dalaras interprets also the piece “Wind”. Still in the disk it interprets the songs “Sob” and “The Soul Of Love” Petros Gaitanos. Oneiric interpretation gives Despina Olympiou in “White Pigeons”, where her sweet voice us travels in Ethnic paths. The disk contains in total 14 pieces, from which half it is Orchestral, in which we have phonetic improvisations with the voices of Muezzin Ninchat from Syria and our own Spyros Chalkias. The lyrics of the songs are of Helen Pantazi and Giorgos Sarris. In the CD participate 15 musicians from the best of the Ethnic scene." Enjoy !!! 320.0 kb/sec

(Click on image to enlarge)

Track Listings
01. Disappearance [Εξαφάνιση] (Part I) - Giorgos Dalaras & Haig Yadjizian
02. Sob [Λυγμός] - Petros Gaitanos
03. White Pigeons [Άσπρα Περιστέρια] - Despina Olympiou
04. Wind [Άνεμος] - Giorgos Dalaras
05. Atlas [Άτλας] (Orchestral)
06. The Soul Of Love [Του Έρωτα Η Ψυχή] - Petros Gaitanos
07. Muezzin [Μουεζίνης] (Orchestral) (Amane: Ninchat)
08. In The Heart Of The Desert [Στην Καρδιά Της Ερήμου] (Orchestral)
09. Magma [Magma] (Orchestral) (Phonetics: Despina Olympiou)
10. Disappearance [Εξαφάνιση] (Part II) (Orchestral)
11. Amanes [Αμανές] (Orchestral) (Amane: Spyros Chalkias)
12. Rockin' Maroco [Rockin' Maroco] (Orchestral)
13. Sunset In The Desert [Ηλιοβασίλεμα Στην Έρημο] (Orchestral)
14. Disappearance [Εξαφάνιση] (Part III) - Giorgos Dalaras

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95,78 + 18,91 MB *** IF YOU LIKE IT, DO NOT FORGET TO BUY IT ***

Saturday, June 28, 2008

HR Wallpapers Of Flower IV

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    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Lo Nuevo

    Zacarias Ferreira
    Audio CD: FDO 2008-01-15
    Label: Sony BMG Latin
    "Ferreira was born in the cigar-manufacturing town of Tamboril, near Santiago in the Cibao region of the north-western Dominican Republic. The region is famous for merengue périco ripao, the traditional Dominican music, and his family, all big music lovers, filled his childhood home with the music spurring Zacarías on to dream of becoming a musical artist himself. The desire to improve himself motivated him to leave for the country’s capital, Santo Domingo, where he joined the Conservatorio Nacional and also sang in a local bachata group. Ferreira then became a member of the Brugal rum company orchestra, where he remained for five years. His debut album, Me Liberé, was released in 1997 and won the prestigious Dominican music award, the Cassandra. Three years later his second album, El Triste, won the award for him for a second time.". Enjoy !!! 320.0 kb/sec

    (Click on image to enlarge)

    Track Listings
    01. Una Bomba
    02. Que Pasara
    03. Si Algun Dia La Vez
    04. Le Llaman Loca
    05. Todo Para Ti
    06. El Amor
    07. Cupido
    08. Sin Tu Amor No Hay Vida
    09. Dime Que Falto (En Vivo)
    10. Sin Ti (En Vivo)
    11. Hello Good Dye (En Vivo)
    12. Tema (Instrumental)

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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    The Rough Guide To Bellydance Café

    Various Artists
    Audio CD: FDO 2007-05-08
    Label: World Music Network
    "Late night get-togethers at an outdoor café, hookah pipes, chatter and the strong smell of coffee, are all part of the distinct flavour of Middle Eastern street life. As is the shimmying, hip-shaking music phenomenon best-known as "bellydance". From Selim Sesler and the Salatin El Tarab Orchestra to Mokhtar Al Said and Sami Ali, "The Rough Guide To Bellydance Café" provides a comprehensive insight into the seductive sounds of the Orient. Fantastic!!! Enjoy! 320.0 kb/sec!"

    Track Listings
    01. Marmar Zamani - Jalal Joubi Ensemble (Syria)
    02. Al-Atlal - Lubna Salame & The Nazareth Orchestra (Israel)
    03. Soleyin Yildizlar Sevegilim Nerde - Ensemble Huseyin Turkenler (Turkey)
    04. Enta Omri - Mohammed Ali Ensemble (Egypt)
    05. Ashshimtini - Sami Ali (Egypt)
    06. Tabla Solo - Mokhtar Al Said (Egypt)
    07. Gozyasi - Selim Sesler (Turkey)
    08. Min Perimenis Pia - Glykeria (Hellas)
    09. Helm (Intro Taksim) - Salatin El Tarab Orchestra (Syria)
    10. Tahtihou Dajha - Salatin El Tarab Orchestra (Syria)
    11. Awazil Yabou Ziloof - Salatin El Tarab Orchestra (Syria)
    12. Habibi Ya Eini - Mayodi (Morocco)
    13. Mazamir Holiday - Upper Egypt Ensemble (Egypt)
    14. Mawwal Al Hawa - Sami Nossair Orchestra (Egypt)
    15. Ala Nar - Sami Nossair Orchestra (Egypt)
    16. Tsaxpinoula Mou - Giasemi (Yasmin) & Nikos Saragoudas (Hellas)
    17. Souhair's Tabla - Mokhtar Al Said & El Ferka El Masaya (Egypt)
    18. La Tsalouni - Mohamed Iskandar (Lebanon)

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    95,78 + 72,86 MB *** IF YOU LIKE IT, DO NOT FORGET TO BUY IT ***

    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    The Messenger (Ulak) - O.S.T.

    Evanthia Reboutsika
    Audio CD: FDO 2008-01-25
    Label: Cantini
    "The new sountrack "The Messenger" by Evanthia Reboutsika. A film by Cagan Irmak, director of "Babam ve Oglum", that went out in the cinemas in Turkey on the 25th of January 2008. The story is a bit confusing "They were in a deeper hole than the deepest well. They were even blacker than the darkest heart. There was no hope at all. And one day, with mysteries in his saddlebag, from a land faraway He came out. He told them about love, faith and courage. The ones, who believed, waited, as someone else would also come". ~" Enjoy !!! 320.0 kb/sec

    (Click on image to enlarge)

    Track Listings
    01. The Sound Of The Night (Gecenin Sesi)
    02. Messenger (Ulak)
    03. Life Dream (Hayat Ruyasi)
    04. Eyes In Tears (Yasli Gozler)
    05. Under The Rain (Yagmur Altinda)
    06. Evening In The Village (Aksamustu Koyde)
    07. The Traveler (Gezgin)
    08. Forest Nights (Orman Geceleri)
    09. Dance And Play (Dans Ve Oyun)
    10. Tales Of Zekeriya (Zekeriya'nin Masallari)
    11. At The Window (Pencere Ici)
    12. A Veil Of Mist (Sis Perdesi)
    13. Strange Creatures (Tuhaf Yaratiklar)
    14. Bridge Of Divine Light (Nur Koprusu)
    15. Pray (Dua)

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