Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Chants

Gregorian Chant

Christmas Chants
Audio CD: FDO 1994-11-08
Label: Milan
"The chant is complex music of great variety, melismatic melodies requiring the vocal skills of trained cantors. Much of the chant repertory continues to be sung by monastic communities."

Track Listings
01. Judea Et Jerusalem (Dominican Province Of France Choir)
02. Salve Virginale (Monks Of Hautecombe Abbey)
03. Completi Sunt Dies Mariae (Dominican Province Of France Choir)
04. Hodie Nobis De Caelo Pax (Sainte Marie Abbey Benedictine Sisters Maumont)
05. Liber Generationis Secondum Matthaeum (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
06. Verbum Caro Factum Est (Sainte Marie Abbey Benedictine Sisters Maumont)
07. Dominus Dixit Ad Me (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
08. Kryie IV (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
09. Letentur Celi (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
10. Agnus Dei IV (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
11. In Splendoribus (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
12. A Solis Ortus Cardine (Gregorian Choir Of Paris)
13. Puer Natus Est Nobis (Monks Of St. Wandrille)
14. Kyrie XI, A (Monks Of St. Wandrille)
15. Gloria XI (Monks Of St. Wandrille)
16. Viderunt Omnes Fines Terrae (Montserrat Abbey Monks Choir)
17. Dies Sanctificatus (Montserrat Abbey Monks Choir)
18. Tui Sunt Caeli, Et Tua Est Terra (Montserrat Abbey Monks Choir)
19. Sanctus XI (Montserrat Abbey Monks Choir)
20. Agnus Dei XI (Montserrat Abbey Monks Choir)
21. Viderunt Omnes Fines Terrae (Montserrat Abbey Monks Choir)
22. Natus Est Nobis Hodie Salvator (Dominican Province Of France Choir)
23. Alma Redemptoris Mater (Einsiedeln Abbey Monks' Choir)
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