Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Rough Guide To Bachata

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2006-06-09
Label: World Music Network
"An irresistible and vibrant dance form, bachata calls people of all ages to dance to its infectious rhythms. Originally from the Dominican Republic, bachata’s popularity has rippled out to Latin America, the USA and beyond. Filling the soul with impassioned lyrics of love and betrayal, this album features some of the finest bachateros and is bursting with dynamic rhythms and beautiful guitar arpeggios.
"It's quintessentially sunny music: you can't feel blue when these singers let rip over their simple acoustic accompaniment, which is mostly just guitar and percussion. There are some lovely voices here, the men's lying high, and women's displaying admirable edge
". Enjoy!......
at 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. La Jaula De Oro - Antony Santos
02. Dos Mujeres - Teodoro Reyes
03. Amor De Mi Vida - Raulin Rodriguez
04. Ve Y Dile - Luis Vargas
05. Por Mi Timidez - Antony Santos
06. Guitarra - Yoskar Sarante
07. Te Amo - Zacarias Ferreira
08. Ya Encontre La Mujer - Yoan Soriano
09. Chica De Mi Barrio - Zacarias Ferreira
10. Cartas Del Verano - Joe Veras
11. Perdidos - Monchy & Alexandra
12. La Avispa - Zacarias Ferreira
13. Princesa - Frank Reyes
14. Serpiente - Elvis Martinez

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