Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Argentina

Audio CD: FDO 2004-04-19
Label: World Music Network
"Argentina is synonymous with its global music export, the tango. Born as an expression of the country’s working classes in the brothels and bars of late nineteenth century Buenos Aires, this sensual and highly popular dance swept the world. However, the tango is just one of Argentina’s vast musical treasures explored on this album. Over the years, Spanish stringed instruments and African rhythms have been incorporated into the array of indigenous styles, adding to the country’s diverse musical outpourings. This CD to the Music of Argentina explores this rich musical region, home to countless Andean folk styles, travelling through tango, milonga, chacarera and chamamé. Enjoy!......at 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Tango De Ayer - Adriana Varela
02. Oro Y Plata - La Chicana
03. Cancion De Lejos - Lorena Astudillo
04. Volver - Hugo Diaz
05. Triste Febrero - Caceres
06. Romance De Abril - Osvaldo Piro
07. Triste - Roberto Grela
08. La Comparsita - Walter Rios Orquesta
09. Grito De Milonga - Barbara Luna
10. Tortazos - Carlos Gardel
11. Verano Porteno - Astor Piazzolla Y Su Quinteto Tango Nuevo
12. El Motivo - Anibal Troilo
13. La Siciliana - Cuarteto Almagro
14. Peregrinacion - Jaime Torres
15. Poyenekayan - Beatriz Pichi Malen
16. La Trunca Norte - Domingo Cura
17. Chiquilin De Bachin - Antonio Agri & Ricardo Dominguez
18. Chacarera Del Fuego - Alberto Rojo
19. Canto A Nande Reta - Chango Spasiuk

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