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The Rough Guide To Hungarian Music


Hungarian Music

Audio CD: FDO 2002-11-25
Label: World Network
"Hungary has some of the best roots music in Europe with a musical impact far in excess of its size. From the glorious vocals of Marta Sebestyen to the wild fiddlers of Transylvania, and from the music of the Gypsy orchestras that captivated Brahms and Liszt to the Romany rap of today, this CD to Hungarian Music is an excellent introduction to the vibrant and diverse music of the region!" At 320 kbps

Track Listings
01. Pava (Hey, Peacock) - Laszlo Hortobagyi & Iren Lovasz
02. Hajnali Nota (Morning Song) - Muzsikas
03. Akasztos - The Transsylvanians
04. Hungarian Verbunk - Sebo Ensemble
05. Jumping Dances - Bogyiszlo Orchestra
06. Deta Devla (God Bless) - Emil
07. Friss Csardas (Fast Csardas) - Traditional Band From Tura & Tibor Szinasi
08. Hungarian Songs - Ferenc Santa Jr. & His Gypsy Band
09. Konyorges (Song For Mercy) - Kalyi Jag Group
10. Bivaly Hatan (Sitting On The Buffalo) - Kampec Dolores
11. Pasztornotak Hosszufurulyan (Shepherd's Flute Song) - Zoltan Juhasz
12. Kerkes (Round Dance) - Mihaly Halmagyi
13. Danses De Lorincreve (Dances From Lorincreve) - Zsigmond Szekely
14. Tanc A Hoban (Dance In The Snow) - Ghymes
15. Petrusevo Kolo - Vujicsics Ensemble
16. Szatele Zsav - Romano Drom
17. Numa Romanes - Fekete Vonat
18. Rabakozi Karej & Dus & Csardas Es Friss (Dances From Rabakoz) - Okros Ensemble
19. Rakoczi Indulo (The Rakoczi March) - Turkos Zenekar

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