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The Rough Guide To Scottish Music ''First Edition''


Audio CD: FDO 1996-05-13
Label: World Music Network

"Forget about the blisters, the mosquitoes, and the driving rain. This is a guide for those who like their Scotland sweet 'n' easy: rough it ain't. The strength of traditional Scottish folk has always been snappy dance rhythms, instruments that won't be ignored, and melodies with as many peaks and valleys as the Scottish topography, all of which are here aplenty. Contributions range from Capercaillie's spunky "Claire in Heaven" to the Cast's "The Scots O'Bonnie Dundee," which fuses acoustic guitar, violin, and crystalline vocals as poignantly as you'd expect. The real show-stealer, however, is Talitha MacKenzie's "Seinn O," which seamlessly blends Gaelic rap, a dance groove, mouth music, and Siberian throatsinging and just goes to show how compatible the familiar sound can be with modern or world beats. Despite this, the overall feeling is that the Caledonian musical heritage has trimmed its beard, and cast one wary eye on the horizon with another on the hills behind, which is far from the whole story. There's a vibrant Scottish acoustic pop scene that has often drawn heavily on its folk roots, and a splash of Afro-Celt Sound System or Eddie Reader would certainly have put a kick in the whisky......... at 320 kbps!"

Track Listings
01. Ballavanich - Wolfstone
02. Chi Mi'n Geamhradh - Catherine-Ann MacPhee
03. Claire In Heaven - Capercaille
04. The 8-Step Waltz - The Iron Horse
05. Seinn O - Talitha MacKenzie
06. Wigtown Fanfare - Ring ''O'' Steall
07. The Scots Callan O'Bonnie Dundee - The Cast
08. Erin-Go-Bragh - Dick Gaughan
09. The Unicorn Set - The Tannahill Weavers
10. A Midwinter Waltz - Boys Of The Lough
11. The Sally Gardens - Heather Heywood
12. Mairead Nan Cuiread & The Bob Parsons Strathspey - Tannas
13. Galicia Revisited - Ceolbeg
14. The Brown Milk Maid & Dunnottar Castle & Maid Of Glengarrysdale & Disused Railway - Battlefield Band
15. Just A Dream - Bert Jansch
16. Malcolm Ferguson & Finbar Saunders - Old Blind Dogs

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