Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2005-05-02
Label: World Music Network
"The mesmerizing sound of a bottleneck slide across guitar strings is synonymous with the Delta blues. Developed around the turn of the last century, bottleneck-playing cultivated great variety and skill, from the Hawaiian-influenced guitar style of Casey Bill Weldon to the twelve-string guitar brilliance of Blind Willie McTell and the gospel playing of Blind Willie Johnson. This CD to Bottleneck Blues focuses on the timeless recordings of the original blues legends and pays tribute to the second-generation bottleneck masters of today. Enjoy! 256.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Guitar Rag - Sylvester Weaver
02. Fred's Worried Life Blues - Fred McDowell
03. God Moves On The Water - Blind Willie Johnson
04. Falling Down Blues - Furry Lewis
05. Jack O' Diamonds - Pete Harris
06. Moanin' The Blues - Allen Shaw
07. Memphis Jellyroll - Stefan Grossman
08. Country Farm Blues - Son House
09. Come On In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson
10. I Be's Troubled - Muddy Waters
11. Sic 'Em Dogs On - Bukka White
12. St. Louis Blues - Jim & Bob (The Genial Hawaiians)
13. Mama, 'Tain't Long Fo' Day - Blind Willie McTell
14. Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain - John Fahey
15. A Spoonful Blues - Charley Patton
16. Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door - Willie Harris
17. Roll & Tumble Blues - Hambone Willie Newbern
18. The Twelves - (Dirty Dozens) - Kokomo Arnold
19. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes - Martin Simpson
20. Poor Me - Bob Brozman
21. You Just As Well Let Her Go - Casey Bill Weldon
22. Baby How Long - Dan Pickett

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