Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Mexico

Audio CD: FDO 2002-05-14
Label: World Music Network

"Fed by a source that runs thick and fast, the best Mexican musicians consistently express the passion that has always fired the country’s music. Live music is everywhere, at parties, concerts, festivals, births, deaths, marriages, on saints’ days and in the media. The range of styles in Mexico is enormous and this album features a selection including son, ranchera, new son jarocho, Mexican rock, mariachi and big band. What these have in common is a great irreverence, a sense of humour and a passion for life and love that is not frightened of extremes. This CD to The Music Of Mexico offers a highly sought after introduction to the city sounds while tracing these back to the traditional music that gave birth to them. Enjoy!!!... at 160.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Que Puntada - Astrid Hadad
02. La Flores - Cafe Tacuba
03. La Juanita - Los Andariegos
04. El Nino Perdido - Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizarraga
05. La Tortolita - Juan Reynoso
06. La Guacamaya - La Negra Graciana
07. La Malaguena - Los Marineros De Apatzingan
08. Que Suene El Son - Guillermo Velazquez
09. La Tirana - Eugenia Leon10. Peregrina - Los Magana
11. El Pajarillo Jilguero - Los Hermanos Molina
12. Horchata - Felipe Urban Y Su Danzonera
13. Fandango Allende - Salon Victoria
14. La Iguana - Chuchumbe
15. Silvia Sapichu (La Cervecita) - Banda La Michoacana
16. El San Lorenzo - Trio Los Camperos Huastecos
17. Camilo Hernandez - Los Halcones De Salitrillo
18. El Cihualteco - Mariachi Reyes Del Aserradero
19. Joder - Los De Abajo
20. El Charro Canroll - Botellita De Jerez

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