Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Spain



Audio CD: FDO 2002-06-21
Label: World Music Network

"Thanks to its variety and character, Spain’s musical heritage has fascinated people from all over the world for centuries. The infectious beats seeping across Spanish borders have influenced numerous talented musicians, and today the popularity of Spanish music is reflected in contemporary pop all over the world. The artists on this CD (Javier Ruibal, Companyía Elèctrica Dharma, Luís Delgado, María Del Mar Bonet, Diego Carrasco, Ronda Segoviana and José Antonio Ramos with Pancho Amat) are all distinguished representatives of contemporary Spanish sounds. They record with independent companies in Spain, and while you might not usually find their music on commercial radio or in the bestseller lists, you will hear it in everyday life: in homes, bars and cafes - rising up from the streets..... at 320 kbps!"

Track Listings
01. Isla Mujeres - Javier Ruibal
02. Amanecer En La Sabika - Javier Paxarino
03. Poble Romani - Company Electrica Dharma
04. El Hechizo De Babilonia - Luis Delgado
05. Fibali - La Sal De La Vida
06. Siete Modo De Guisar Las Berenjenas - Maria Salgado
07. Al Nino Miguel - Rafael Riqueni
08. Merce - Maria Del Mar Bonet
09. De Isla A Isla - Jose Antonio Ramos & Pancho Amat
10. Yo, Marinero - Diego Carrasco
11. Seguidillas - Rhonda Segoviano
12. Mirabras - Falta De Pan
13. Neska Soldadua - Hiru Truku
14. Cantarea - Anubia
15. Arrempuja! Que Ya Estamos Aqui Las Marujas - Chirigota Del Selu
16. Jeta - Jorge Pardo

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