Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Alps



Audio CD: FDO 2002-06-24
Label: World Music Network

"Famed for their impressive scenery and refined air, the Alps are also home to a vast gallery of fascinating musical styles. This CD explores far beyond the stereotypical image of the region to uncover a lively and unexpected music scene, which incorporates age-old dialects and traditional styles to produce a distinctly contemporary sound. Full of humour and innovation, this selection features the unique sounds of instruments such as the alphorn, the kazoo and the hurdy-gurdy, in tracks from some of Europe's most original and talented artists.. . at 256 kbps !"

Track Listings
01. Preiere (Switzerland) - Laurence Revey
02. Am Hans Sine (Switzerland) - Alpine Experience
03. Marcha Mai (Italy) - Arco Alpino
04. He-U (Austria) - Attwenger
05. Oh, Wenn Die Sens' (Austria) - Klaus Trabitsch
06. Songta Margriata Part Two (Switzerland) - Corin Curschellas
07. Love Your Life (Austria) - Zabine
08. Heavy Metal Landler (Germany) - Ringsgwandl
09. Coup De Coeur (Austria) - Deishovida
10. Vespa & Adieu Paure Carneval (France) - Corou De Berra
11. Polka (Italy) - Michele Pucci & Giulio Venier
12. Hundling (Germany) - BavaRio
13. Taps, Federn & Schnee (Austria) - Broadlahn
14. Sackamra (Slovenia) - Bratko Bibic
15. Auftanz (Germany) - Die Well-Buam
16. Strasetti D'Arba (Italy) - La Squadra
17. Eno Drevce, Coti? (Slovenia) - Tolovaj Mataj
18. Rigodon De Manse (France) - Rigodon Sauvage
19. Stille Nacht (Austria) - Otto Lechner & Klaus Trabitsch

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