Sunday, May 25, 2008

Love In The Time Of Cholera - O.S.T.

Shakira & Antonio Pino
Audio CD: FDO 2008-02-05
Label: New Line Records
"On his own initiative, García Márquez convinced Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Shakira, who hails from the nearby city of Barranquilla, to provide two songs for the film. The songs were written with Brazilian composer Antonio Pinto. The full score was composed by Pinto, who also scored City of God (film) and Lord of War.
The song "Despedida" music by: Shakira and Antonio Pinto and lyrics by: Shakira was nominated for Best Original Song in a motion picture in the 65th Golden Globe Awards."
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Track Listings
01. Hay Amores - Shakira
02. Despedida - Shakira
03. Pienso En Ti - Shakira
04. Love - Antonio Pino
05. In the Time Of Cholera - Antonio Pino
06. My New Life - Antonio Pino
07. White Suit - Antonio Pino
08. Hildebranda - Antonio Pino
09. Divided Love - Antonio Pino
10. 1900 - Antonio Pino
11. Escolastica - Antonio Pino
12. Confused Transito - Antonio Pino
13. Fiorentino - Antonio Pino
14. The Boat - Antonio Pino
15. The Widow - Antonio Pino
16. Sex Drum - Antonio Pino
17. Los Dos - Antonio Pino
18. Cholera - Antonio Pino
19. Second Love - Antonio Pino
20. The Girls - Antonio Pino
21. Forever - Antonio Pino
22. Realejo - Antonio Pino

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Geraldo Pinho said...

Hello, I've just bought one copy of it for me, because I've seen the movie and gone crazy about Shakira's voice. Beautiful songs! Nice to meet your blog!