Monday, May 28, 2007

The Rough Guide To Americana


Audio CD: FDO 2002-01-15
Label: World Music Network

"The World Music Network has released a broad range of "Rough Guides" to certain musical genres, from Cumbia to Flamenco to Klezmer. Most are fantastic compilations. This installment features music that can be described as alternative country, insurgent country, or no depression. The name "Americana" is tricky. I consider Americana music to be American cultural music, or music clearly influenced by American cultural music. This can mean anything from jazz to bluegrass to zydeco. However, many folks define Americana as a specific genre, as is the case here. Rather than debate the point, I'll just let it be. Many of the usual suspects that one would expect on such a compilation, such as Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, and Whiskeytown, are bypassed in favor of lesser-known performers. The tracks are almost all good, though there are few true stand-outs.
For the uninitiated, I would recommend Exposed Roots: The Best of Alt. Country, Uncle Tupelo's "No Depression," Son Volt's "Trance," and Whiskeytown's "Strangers Almanac." However, for those interested in delving deeper, this compilation will provide an entry point for exploring many under-exposed but worthy artists.. Enjoy!!!.....
at 192.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Weightless Again - The Handsome Family
02. Pardon Me (I've Got Someone To Kill) - Andre Williams & The Sadies
03. Guided By Wire - Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
04. Meat Off The Bone - The Gourds
05. Lost Highway - Townes Van Zandt
06. Ft. Worth, Texas - Johnny Dowd
07. A Song For You - Hazeldine
08. You Don't Know What's Right, You Don't Know What's Wrong - Long Ryders
09. Run With The Ponies - The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers
10. Hello To Everybody - The Waco Brothers
11. Railroad Bill - Dave Alvin
12. Oh My Good Ol' Gal - Oh Susanna
13. Me And Queen Sylvia - Neal Casal
14. Standing On A Snake - Noahjohn
15. Kiss Of Death - Split Lip Rayfield
16. My Fear - Utah Carol
17. So That I Don't Miss You - Nadine
18. E-Z Ridin' Cowboy - Cowboy Nation
19. She Ran Me Down - The Arlenes
20. Carousel Days - Western Electric

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