Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rough Guide To Bellydance Café

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2007-05-08
Label: World Music Network
"Late night get-togethers at an outdoor café, hookah pipes, chatter and the strong smell of coffee, are all part of the distinct flavour of Middle Eastern street life. As is the shimmying, hip-shaking music phenomenon best-known as "bellydance". From Selim Sesler and the Salatin El Tarab Orchestra to Mokhtar Al Said and Sami Ali, "The Rough Guide To Bellydance Café" provides a comprehensive insight into the seductive sounds of the Orient. Fantastic!!! Enjoy!......at 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Marmar Zamani - Jalal Joubi Ensemble (Syria)
02. Al-Atlal - Lubna Salame & The Nazareth Orchestra (Israel)
03. Soleyin Yildizlar Sevegilim Nerde - Ensemble Huseyin Turkenler (Turkey)
04. Enta Omri - Mohammed Ali Ensemble (Egypt)
05. Ashshimtini - Sami Ali (Egypt)
06. Tabla Solo - Mokhtar Al Said (Egypt)
07. Gozyasi - Selim Sesler (Turkey)
08. Min Perimenis Pia - Glykeria (Hellas)
09. Helm (Intro Taksim) - Salatin El Tarab Orchestra (Syria)
10. Tahtihou Dajha - Salatin El Tarab Orchestra (Syria)
11. Awazil Yabou Ziloof - Salatin El Tarab Orchestra (Syria)
12. Habibi Ya Eini - Mayodi (Morocco)
13. Mazamir Holiday - Upper Egypt Ensemble (Egypt)
14. Mawwal Al Hawa - Sami Nossair Orchestra (Egypt)
15. Ala Nar - Sami Nossair Orchestra (Egypt)
16. Tsaxpinoula Mou - Giasemi (Yasmin) & Nikos Saragoudas (Hellas)
17. Souhair's Tabla - Mokhtar Al Said & El Ferka El Masaya (Egypt)
18. La Tsalouni - Mohamed Iskandar (Lebanon)

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