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The Disappearance (Η Εξαφάνιση) - O.S.T.

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2008-04-01
Label: Universal Music
"Virtuous Christos Papadopoulos signs the music in the new television line of Stratos Markidis “Disappearance”, that is shown by TV ALPHA. From the first already episodes the line has gained the preference of television viewers and the music the hearts of world. Christos Papadopoulos, with the experience that it has acquired travelling particularly in the East, gives Ethnic color in several serials in the small screen with climax the Greek Arabic music that wrote for the “Disappearance” with protagonists Nikos Sergianopoulos, Natalia Dragoumi and Stavros Zalmas. The song of titles “Disappearance” interprets unique Giorgos Dalaras. It is a particular hearing that has been loved already by the all world. In the song participates the Armenian Haig Yadjizian. Beyond the song of titles Giorgos Dalaras interprets also the piece “Wind”. Still in the disk it interprets the songs “Sob” and “The Soul Of Love” Petros Gaitanos. Oneiric interpretation gives Despina Olympiou in “White Pigeons”, where her sweet voice us travels in Ethnic paths. The disk contains in total 14 pieces, from which half it is Orchestral, in which we have phonetic improvisations with the voices of Muezzin Ninchat from Syria and our own Spyros Chalkias. The lyrics of the songs are of Helen Pantazi and Giorgos Sarris. In the CD participate 15 musicians from the best of the Ethnic scene." Enjoy !!! 320.0 kb/sec

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Track Listings
01. Disappearance [Εξαφάνιση] (Part I) - Giorgos Dalaras & Haig Yadjizian
02. Sob [Λυγμός] - Petros Gaitanos
03. White Pigeons [Άσπρα Περιστέρια] - Despina Olympiou
04. Wind [Άνεμος] - Giorgos Dalaras
05. Atlas [Άτλας] (Orchestral)
06. The Soul Of Love [Του Έρωτα Η Ψυχή] - Petros Gaitanos
07. Muezzin [Μουεζίνης] (Orchestral) (Amane: Ninchat)
08. In The Heart Of The Desert [Στην Καρδιά Της Ερήμου] (Orchestral)
09. Magma [Magma] (Orchestral) (Phonetics: Despina Olympiou)
10. Disappearance [Εξαφάνιση] (Part II) (Orchestral)
11. Amanes [Αμανές] (Orchestral) (Amane: Spyros Chalkias)
12. Rockin' Maroco [Rockin' Maroco] (Orchestral)
13. Sunset In The Desert [Ηλιοβασίλεμα Στην Έρημο] (Orchestral)
14. Disappearance [Εξαφάνιση] (Part III) - Giorgos Dalaras

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