Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Kenya & Tanzania

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 1996-11-05
Label: World Music Network
"This CD offers an invigorating sample of East African sounds, both traditional and modern, from Kenya and Tanzania. Taking in the acoustic roots of the music, the selection features the marimba (traditional wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano) and a Tanzanian drumming work-out, as well as the strong influence of Zairean dance beats and guitar styles in the region, winding up with the Arabic "tarab" sounds of the coast. "This collection is a gem. It is, like the region, full of happiness, gaiety, spontaneity and enthusiasm". Enjoy!......at 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Mwongele - Simba Wanyika
02. V.B. Pod Wamol - Victoria Kings
03. Vunja Mifupa - Samba Mapangala
04. Piny Ose Mer - D.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz
05. Esiesi Siolle - Abana Ba Nasery
06. Likuta Bibi - Henry Makobi
07. Jacob Omolo - Ogwang Lelo Okoth & Paddy J. Onono
08. Tanzania Yetu - Master Musicians Of Tanzania
09. Wagogo Initiation Dance - ''Moheme'' Dance Tanzania
10. Edita - Mlimani Park Orchestra
11. Usia Kwa Watoto - Juwata Jazz Band
12. Mtindo Wa Mombasa - Zein Musical Party
13. Sibadili - Culture Musical Club

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95,78 + 87,42 MB *** IF YOU LIKE IT, DO NOT FORGET TO BUY IT ***


Darkman said...

Hi.. - It's me again...

Just letting you know.. that THIS album .. - the sound on it is Deffective on EVERY song!

Check it out.. .. any song..

Sound is really messed up.. and sounds so bad on the speakers..

So i found this album on the net in lower quality & size than this one (VBR vs. 320 .. and 89 mb vs. 170+ mb) .. - and the sound on the VBR one is Perfect!)

SO then .. for sure it's not the album itself that has the bad sound, as i might have thought for a while.. - the bad sound is ONLY on this RIP ... or maybe just on this upload!

I am basically just letting you know.. - so you'll be aware about it..

And if you still DO have a good same album in 320 kbps.. PLEASE let me know about it here then.. and please upload / re-upload it.. - as i STILL want to have it in 320 kbps as well.

Thanks.. and take care....

Scorpio said...

Darkman:>> Dear friend of the blog. I must thank you for your kind comments (we need them yo improve our blog).

We have taken into consideration your positive request and we have improved the files with new links.

Take the time to download, listen the new pieces and of course I am waiting for your new comments.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more goodies ...

Darkman said...

OK.. :)

Downloaded both albums again, using New Links..

and just listened somewhat to both of them .. and reporting to you that now they are OK ..and sound good - No defects now.. (on this album) - sounds good.. and at 320 kbps..

and on the other Kenya album - the previous links were HQ VBR (as i mentioned previously) .. BUT i downloaded the release again, using new links ..and now it's at 320 kbps .. and Sounds Good!

So .. thanks again my friend!