Friday, February 29, 2008

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Canada

Various Artists
Audio CD: FDO 2003-05-13
Label: World Music Network
"Canada offers every imaginable kind of music, which somehow seems only fitting for such a vastly varied and rich land. As a new nation built on immigration and cultural mixing, it is one where artists bend and even defy traditional boundaries. Including Celtic fiddle traditions of Cape Breton, Québécois chanson, Inuit throat singing and more. This CD focuses on some of the longer-standing roots music traditions created in established cultural communities, together with some of the newer hybrids those styles have brought forth. Enjoy! 320.0 kb/sec!"

Track Listings
01. Tshishe Manitu - Florent Vollant & Zachary Richard
02. J' Ai Fait Un Reve - Hart-Rouge
03. Creation Dream - Bruce Cockburn
04. Reel Beatrice - Natalie MacMaster
05. Matapat - Matapat06. Domhnall Mac Ic Lain - Mary Jane Lamond
07. Reel Du Forgeron (The Blacksmith's Reel) - La Bottine Souriante
08. Ed's Wake - Zubot & Dawson
09. Bulkley Valley Home - Bill Hilly Band
10. Ca Va Brasser - Crystal Plamondon
11. Kelligrew's Soiree - Anita Best
12. La Bastringue & Green Mountain Petronella - Silk Road Music
13. Field Song - Kanenhi ''Io''
14. Rocks & Trees - Wendell Ferguson
15. Seven - Rheostatics
16. Le Papillon (Bouree Du Papillon & Sans Crier Gare) - Cordes En Folie
17. The Ballad Of Gordy Ross - Longbottom
18. Northwest Passage - Stan Rogers
19. Vive La Rose - Emile Benoit
20. The Blackfly Song - Wade Hemsworth
21. Throat Singing - Tudjaat

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L said...

Thanks for all these Rough Guides.

Darkman said...

I noticed .. this album is at 48 khz

Usually at 320 kbps.. - it's mostly 44 khz

I checked the size with the same song (from the same album that i found at 320 kbps / 44 khz) - and it's virtually the same..

like something like, say, 9018 kb vs. 9054 kb (or something like .. just using it as an example)

So what is the real diff.?
(i noticed before in the options of s/w to be able to pick 48 khz, when ripping .. but always went with 44 though)

Any benefit of going with 48 khz when ripping .. or basically just the "cosmetics"? :)

Just wondering that's all

Album sounds good though.. Thanks a lot!

Scorpio said...

Darkman:>> First of all thank you for your kind comments. I am glad to see that somebody checks "behind the scene". The answer is really simmple.

We can use 44.1 khz for best CD quality.

On the other had when we use 48 khz is for best DVD quality.

Now since many friends of the blog loke to write several mp3 pieces in a DVD that's the reason why I use.

So in conclusion this is the reason real DIFFERENCE not "Cosmetics".

Glad to answer more questions...

Darkman said...

OK.. - Thanks for your reply!