Friday, May 18, 2007

The Rough Guide To Salsa Dance ''First Edition''


Audio CD: FDO 2005-03-07
Label: World Music Network

"With its intensely percolating blend of melodic vigor, horn-motivated harmony, jazzy improvisation, polyrhythmic percussion, and soulful sense of celebration, Latin music at its best is arguably the world's most enjoyably complex form of dance music. Immensely entertaining if scattershot, this wide-ranging, filler-free introduction to the salsa tradition samples four decades' worth of music from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, and, of course, New York's Fania stable (where it first exploded in the 1970s). The anthology ranges from the early '60s Cuban boogaloo of Joe Cuba to Sierra Maestra's classic son (from whence salsa evolved) to seventysomething Celia Cruz's relentless energy. Sophisticated arrangements by Fania star Willie Colon, inventive pianist Charlie Palmieri, and young trombone upstart Jimmy Bosch offset the kicking sounds of La Misma Gente ("Raquel") and Dominican-born singer Jose Alberto.Enjoy!!!..... at 192 kbps!"

Track Listings
01. Me Dejo Picao - Jose Alberto ''El Canario''
02. El Negro Bembon - Celia Cruz
03. Raquel - La Misma Gente
04. A Toda Cuba Le Gusta - Afro-Cuban All Stars
05. Al Que Le Pique - Charlie Palmieri
06. La Pollera Colora - La Sonora Poncena
07. Roberto - Somos 21 (We Are 21)
08. Descargarana - Jimmy Bosch
09. Coco My My - Tambo
10. Lloraras - Oscar D' Leon
11. Los Hermanos Pinzones - Miguelito Valdes with Tito Puente & His Orchestra
12. Prestame La Olla Teresa - Joe Cuba
13. Tibiri Tabara - Sierra Maestra
14. Mariana - Son De La Loma
15. La Murga - Willie Colon

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